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I am Alive

2016-08-17 00:24:23 by DragonArkane

Hello all who read ;P

I've re-descovered my newgrounds acount after 3 1/2 years :O 
Although I have few posts here, newgrounds, was the first place I ever uploaded content to. It is quite the trip comming back and glimpsing into the past a bit. On my last upload I wrote "more comming soon" and never seemed to deliver. so lets rectify that ;)

Before I start my grand upload, a little update to what is happening in my life. Since being here I have graduated highschool and started to take concept art classes at an animation school in my area. Hopefully that means my art has had some significant improvement as well :D

I will be adding newgrounds to the social platforms I keep up to date, but I would also appreciate the support there as well. 

\(0<>0)/ See ya around


2013-02-21 22:07:20 by DragonArkane

Posting some images i finished in 2012.

Savannah is a strong girl character i created. She is a Merc Sniper in a group of young mercenaries. Originaly she was a character in a game me and my friend were working on but it is currently low on our priority.

Thought i would start posting things i create somewhere. Hope someone enjoys. Leave a comment if you enjoy. ill post more if you like.

Its K

2013-02-21 21:54:13 by DragonArkane

I know arcane is c.... but I like k better so it stays