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Entry #3

I am Alive

2016-08-17 00:24:23 by DragonArkane

Hello all who read ;P

I've re-descovered my newgrounds acount after 3 1/2 years :O 
Although I have few posts here, newgrounds, was the first place I ever uploaded content to. It is quite the trip comming back and glimpsing into the past a bit. On my last upload I wrote "more comming soon" and never seemed to deliver. so lets rectify that ;)

Before I start my grand upload, a little update to what is happening in my life. Since being here I have graduated highschool and started to take concept art classes at an animation school in my area. Hopefully that means my art has had some significant improvement as well :D

I will be adding newgrounds to the social platforms I keep up to date, but I would also appreciate the support there as well. 

\(0<>0)/ See ya around


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2016-08-17 01:53:22

You're dead >:)


2016-08-17 03:41:05

@CatOfSnow I'm dead, you're dead, he is dead, everyone is dead and DragonArkane is alive


2016-08-17 04:08:57

@CatOfSnow @DiamondEclipse We are All a dead Family! DragonArkane is a Rebellion!!! Dead Him at All Cost!! DEAD HIM DEAD HIM DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!


2016-08-17 04:53:17

*transform to magic mode and summon some fire balls*

emm.. @DiamondEclipse , @demon1000 and me are walking to you like a zombie now
So you better run NOW >:)

DragonArkane responds:

*Drinks greater fire resist, slaps fire ball away

It will take more then that to re-dead me >:3 Muwhahahaha haaa

*Casts Consecrate, picks up holy sword

@DiamondEclipse , @demon1000, @CatOfSnow Bring it ;P


2016-08-19 01:05:17

*Casts Moonshadow Spell on self becomes Invisible*
Now you can't see me!
*Runs To a Shop and buys a sweet roll and a Nord mead and Sits down to watch the fight*

What? I had a rough day Man! i need my bread and Drink! (-____-)

DragonArkane responds:

The instigator of the fight runs a way?
Some people just wana watch the world burn :/ and sometime those people do so while eating sweet rolls and drinking mead.


2016-08-19 01:08:56

Well, you can't physically hurt me, cause i'm just a solid walking smoke
So, you lose
*Sends the army of Clones*

DragonArkane responds:

Casts strong wind

Whatcha gona do now :/


2016-08-19 10:32:50

I'm dead... Good luck @CatOfSnow and @demon1000


2016-08-19 10:38:10

WTH is going on here...


2016-08-19 10:39:35

Hey @DiamondEclipse ,
Aren't we alredy dead?


2016-08-19 10:45:01

@CatOfSnow I wasn't dead, i wasn't dead nor alive, smoke is just fire ash..... so yea, i'm away for now, but dead to you guys


2016-08-19 10:48:48

*press the earphone*
Check check?
Hey No.6,spread it out in whole unity now,
No.42 is a ghost 0w0

(Updated ) DragonArkane responds:

Wow, this fight whent a lot easier then expected.
One succumbed to depression, and is crying
One lost to a gentle breeze
and One is about to be taken out by my glorious might,

Check mate ;P
*Swings holy sword Excalibur


2016-08-19 19:01:46

*orders another Mead and sweet roll*
no one will understand. . . How my father Never Loved me. . .NEVER!!!
*Cries while drinking a bottle of nord mead*

DragonArkane responds:

Bartender looks over,
"Buck up kid, I dont mind if you call me Daddy. Tender loving is my specialty" he says in an awkwardly inviting way while rubbing his half exposed sweaty belly.

Roll D20 to respond to his advances :?